7. Why you should have plants in your house

Human instinctively seek to be amongst nature and that’s a reason why we see them in hospital, restaurant, home, schools, etc…. In a 1993 study, there was found that looking at plants affects our behaviour and our psyche in a positive way. It was proven that people would prefer to spend more time in a room full of plants as it makes us feel more serene.

2010 study at Washington state University shows that plants help improve concentration. During the study period people working on the computer with plants felt more alert and focus then the one without it. Also the individual that were surrounded by plants felt more carefree, friendly, affectionate and playful. It was also shown that keeping plants inside a house reduced the mental fatigue and stress level.

Dr. Leonard Perry, of the University of Vermont, conducted a research that demonstrated that people that care for a garden, indoor or outdoor, had a level of stress lower then the average. Further more, a research was done by the University of Minnesota proving that plants can reduce the pain. To prove their theory, they took patient that just had their gallbladder remove and place some pictures of trees on the wall. The room with the image had patient who tolerated the pain in a more peaceful and better way which resulted in them being discharged from hospital earlier.

In conclusion, either it’s because you like them or because you have too much stress due to mental charge, studies, work or children, plants are an amazing benefit to your house and your health!

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