8. How to cope with all the dust!


Dubai is familiar with sandstorms or just heavy wind that will bring very fine sand particles inside our house. Here are a few easy steps to help you getting ride of it temporary!

1. AVOID the too tempting vacuum cleaner! Yes, i'm sorry to tell you that after a sandstorm, your best friend is the very basic broom! The sand particles are so fine that they will pass throw the vacuum filter and get spread out around! Pointless! The other problem is the ones that won't pass throw will most likely clog it and make your vacuum overheat. So unless you have a very expensive vacuum with an advanced filter (i.e. a HEPA filter), stick to the broom for the 1st round cleaning!

2. Dust all your furnitures and surfaces. You can always use The Botanist Multi Cleanser and Wood Duster to do this job. As our products are made with essential oils, it will also help to sanitise the air. As you probably experience more than once, usually sandstorms bring a lot of virus as well and we get easily sick right after them.

According to your furnitures, you can always spray directly on them or on a soft cloth and wipe gently. Rinse regularly your cloth with water to remove the particles on it and avoid scratching your surfaces with sand.

3. If you need to do all the kitchen cabinet, pantry, cooker use our kitchen cleanser. As there is no chemicals in our ingredients, you don't have to worry about food contamination :) You can also use it inside the fridge but i guess for today there is already enough cleaning to do to avoid any extra!! 

4. Now it is the time for the vacuum! 

5. And finally the wet mop with The Botanist floor cleanser. 

6. If your playlist is good and you still have a little bit of energy, you can use our wood wax to give a shine to all your natural wooden furnitures! 

And now, well deserve break in your super clean and shiny place!!! And did i tell you about the nice delicate smell as well??? 



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