Always be grateful

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Lately, i'm sure many of us just dreamed to close their eyes and spiral down into misery because of the homeschooling, the lockdown, the lack of contact with our family and friends and more. I'm human, this was a tempting road to take. But, how useless seriously? 

Spring 2020 is testing us and it is the moment to become our strongest version. Instead of complaining, it is the time to reflect on our life.

Did i pass enough quality time with my own kids? Did i took enough time to follow their school progress and play with them?

We live in the pick of globalization and out of the sudden, even the airports around the world closed. Maybe it is time to turn more local, maybe it is time enjoy discovering where we live? Do you know this country properly? Do you know your OWN country properly? 

What are my spending habits? Do i really need this new dress and why did I bought it? Because i really need a new dress or to cover a lack of self confidence? 

When we start to reflect, we might discover a lot about us that we are not 100% sure that we like. The good news is when we know what we would like to improve, we can actually do it! 

Use this period to become your best self, the self that you didn't had the time to become before. It is not the time for self pity. We are bless and we should be grateful for what we have even when times are difficult as we have more anyway than 95% of the world population. Maybe everything is not as we would like but it is already very good! 

This year Eid will be about stay safe and stay home. In those conditions, we don't need new clothes and we will probably make smaller celebration but we can still remember this year Eid as the year that we share with others. As the year that we really try to make a difference and help with our own possibility. Every small steps are already a step. 

Here some ideas of foundations that need your help:

If you have a favorite one, feel free to share it with us and tag us on Instagram so we can look at it :) something is cooking here...


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