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The Botanist Dubai

Bamboo Kitchen Rolls (6 pack)

Bamboo Kitchen Rolls (6 pack)

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Bambuyu is a UAE-based brand of household paper made from 100% bamboo. 

Bambuyu's kitchen rolls are the perfect support in your eco-friendy kitchen, offering a plastic-free and tree-free aternative to paper towels . Each absorbent roll is made from 100% sustainable bamboo pulp and ready to handle any spills and messes you need to clean up with your The Botanist Kitchen Cleanser.

Rolls per carton: 6
Number of sheets: 120
Number of plies:

About Bambuyu:

27,000 trees are cut down daily to make traditional toilet paper, which makes up 15% of deforestation. Bambuyu has challenged the industry by introducing a plastic-free, tree-free, and naturally skin-kind alternative. By using bamboo, a highly renewable and sustainable resource, Bambuyu is able to slow down deforestation and take a step towards making the planet a better place, today and for generations to come.

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