🌱 Veganuary: 3 of our fave plant-based cafes in Dubai

Are you doing ‘veganuary’ this year? 

All around the world January has become known as ‘veganuary’, an initiative where people commit to going vegan, or not eating or using animal products, for the whole month. It has become so popular, that Veganuary organizers are expecting their biggest ever year since they launched in 2013  - they’re anticipating 500k people to sign up to it this year, which is 100K up from 2020!

This is amazing news on so many levels – personal health benefits, the impact on the environment and animal welfare. Let’s be honest after a few weeks of festive meaty meals, it’s probably a welcome change in diet for some, and hopefully one that lasts beyond just the month.

While we are not full vegan or vegetarian ourselves, we do minimize our meat consumption and dairy products for health and environmental reasons and lean towards a plant-based diet, but this month we’re jumping two feet into Veganuary along with those 500k other people around the world. It’s already forcing a bit more creativity in the kitchen, which has actually made cooking and planning meals so much more interesting!  

So that got us thinking about some of our favourite vegan cafes in Dubai for those lazy weekend breakfasts. These days in Dubai, it’s great to see most restaurants offer a good range of vegetarian and vegan options, but these are just a few of our top picks for a more substantial plant-based menu!

Whether you’re doing Veganuary, some variation of it (or even if you’re not), these spots are so worth a visit. 

SEVA Table

Seva is the relaunched Life’n One in Jumeriah 1, which was Dubai’s first plant-based café. The café is part of the wellness center called SEVA Experience and it is one of the most charming places in Dubai thanks to their incredible outdoor garden, although the indoor café and library is pretty special too. The menu is plant-based, as well as gluten, dairy, soy and cane sugar-free and they have a great selection of organic juices and smoothies. It’s a stunning place for a bite to eat and we guarantee you’ll leave this place feeling just a little more relaxed (the mantras playing as background music helps with that!).

Bounty Beets

This is a great café in a really nice setting at the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, especially at this time of year as the outdoor seating area is lovely. They have an extensive plant-based and organic menu, all the way from breakfast to afternoon tea, as well as some delicious desserts.

It’s even great for a casual dinner and a drink as its licensed and has a menu of organic wines and cocktails. Cheers to that! 

Litte Erth by Nabz&G 

If you’re around JLT, this is such a great little go-to spot for a vegan meal which is about 90% of their menu. It’s great for a casual dinner out as the café has a really cute vibe – very ‘hole in the wall’ cozy – and the service is great. It’s also on Deliveroo if you’re after a good quality vegan meal on delivery night!

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