Timberland's Nature Needs Heroes campaign

Is that us…frolicking in the desert…in a Timberland campaign?!

*pinch* Why yes, yes it is! Timberland’s new campaign, Nature Needs Heroes, is a breath of fresh air as it shines a light on some incredible local initiatives, businesses and individuals who are doing some amazing things in driving the sustainability conversation (and action!) forward.

When they approached us and told us about the concept, we couldn’t be more excited and thankful that they chosen us to be a part of it! We spent three days filming with the team at our factory in DIP, at the Ripe Market and in the desert and loved every minute of it, especially meeting the other ‘heroes’ and hearing all about their important work to create a more sustainable future. 

We’ve always been fans of Timberland as a brand but it’s not until we started speaking to the team about being a part of Nature Needs Heroes that we learned just how committed they are to their sustainability mission (and have been for decades), whether that’s through product innovation or community initiatives. We learned that Timberland has been looking at ways to reduce and offset their environmental footprint way before ‘sustainable fashion’ was even a term, and especially so now as it is an absolute MUST, especially in the apparel industry. (If you’re interested to learn more about their approach to sustainability over the last two decades, click here, then scroll down to the bottom of the page).

It’s because of this authenticity that we felt so excited about working with them on this campaign and we’d like to give them a massive THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of it.

Shoot day…behind the scenes:

But first...coffee!

3, 2, 1... action!



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