Guest Blog: All About EMF, the Invisible Toxins

When we think of ‘non-toxic’ most of us think of chemicals in our environments and our foods, but some of the most pervasive and underreported toxins come from everyday electronics – the invisible toxins! They're called EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, a type of radiation emitted from natural and artificial sources.

Recently we moved into a new villa with a cell phone tower nearby, and we wanted to make sure our home was protected so we did some research, which led us to the lovely Valentina, founder of Energy & Space, whom we worked with on a home EMF audit. We learned a lot from her and so we invited her to give our community a bit of an EMF crash course too! 

Valentina describes herself as an Integrative Architect, as she integrates her architectural skills with diverse specializations such as Building Biology and Electromagnetic radiations, Classical Feng Shui, Dowsing, and Land Energy sciences, to create spaces that enhance health and well-being.

Part of Valentina’s work and unique approach is to audit people’s homes through calculated and measurable scientific methods combined with ancient energy traditions, to help eliminate interference to health, well-being and success.

We hope the below helps you create an even healthier home!


How to Reduce Electromagnetic Field Exposure

by Valentina Cereda


Electro-pollution is one of society’s most underrated environmental health concerns, especially for growing children. Becoming aware of its existence and recognizing the signs and symptoms of electromagnetic fields toxicity is key to maintaining good health, improve sleep, focus, vitality and overall wellbeing.

So, what exactly is EMF? Electromagnetic radiations (or EMF) are all around us, and since these radiations can’t be seen or smelled or touched, most people don’t think about their influence.

There are three types of electromagnetic fields:

  • Electric fields, emitted by devices that require to be plugged into a socket to work, such as chargers, side lamps, air purifiers, and external power transmission lines.
  • Magnetic fields, emitted by devices that have a motor, such as air purifiers, kitchen appliances, as well as by wiring errors in the electrical circuits hidden inside the walls, and external power transmission lines.
  • Radio frequencies emitted by mobile phone, wifi routers, baby monitors, cell phone towers and any device with a wifi or blue tooth transmitter.

Due to the speed of technological development over the last few years, and the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, many devices in our homes emit high EMF, and all together they create high levels of electro-pollution which can affect our wellbeing.


Given the ever-increasing levels of electromagnetic fields that we are being exposed to on a daily basis, ill health related to electromagnetic sensitivity is on the increase for society as a whole and it can include things like allergies, fatigue, neurological disorders, cognitive difficulty, auto immune system diseases, cancers, sleep issues and, in general, cell inflammation and free radicals.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of these invisible artificial frequencies and keep safe levels within our homes especially to protect our wellbeing. The benefits of electromagnetic fields mitigation include improved cell health and reduction of free radicals, reduction of skin and vision issues, improved sleep and focus, reduced anxiety, reduced risk of brain tumours and cardiovascular problems.


Of course, it is not possible to avoid ALL EMFs in the modern world. Therefore, our goal is avoidance - reduce exposures that are within your control as much as you can. Even very simple no-cost changes in habits can significantly lower your exposure. Every action taken can help to reduce your load!

With that in mind, here are a few simple tips that you can easily implement to reduce EMF in your home: 

  • Don’t sleep with the phone charging on your bedside table: both phone and charger emit high EMF disturbing sleep and cell recovery. Create a charging station outside your bedroom and create a habit to put your phone on airplane mode and charge it at the charging station.
  • If you live in the Middle East, most countries have a switch in all power sockets: switch off all power sockets switches before sleeping, as bedside lamps emit electric fields even when they’re ‘off’.  If you don't have switches on your sockets, unplug them.
  • If you have a TV screen in your bedroom, it should also be unplugged from the power socket as most TVs have wifi transmitters that emit strong radio frequencies even when the TVs are not in use. Ideally there should not be any electrical devices in the bedroom - only an air purifier is as long as it's located in the furthest corner of the room from the bed (at least 2 meters away), and does not have wifi nor bluetooth connection.
  • When using laptops or i-pads for entertainment, especially for children, download music, video games etc and use them on airplane mode on and Bluetooth and WiFi off, as the electromagnetic fields from wifi and bluetooth connection have been proven to increase the production of oxidative stress, poor circulation, ear ringing, autism, ADHD, brain cell damage and more.
  • Shield or switch off your home wi-fi router and any device that uses Bluetooth during the night.
  • Make sure your phone is actually on airplane mode whilst you sleep by following the below set up, as most phones have bluetooth or wifi active even when it is on “airplane mode”.

  • Do not use ‘energy devices’ (also known as harmonizers) such as pyramids, jewelry pendants, sacred geometry objects, phone stickers and the like that claim to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR=EMF), as these harmonizers do not reduce electropollution, and give a false sense of safety. 
  • Use your mobile phone on speaker mode or with air tube headsets (not air pods nor bluetooth headset) to avoid the proximity of radio frequencies to the brain.
  • If you live nearby a cell phone tower or power transmission lines (visible from your home and closer than 200 meters), it is recommended to hire a Building Biologist to measure the existing radiations and their sources, to then create a shielding plan for each room. The recommendation will be based on the level of frequencies found and their source. It is not recommended to buy EMF shielding materials online unless the levels are measured first to make sure they have an impact, and unless the brands are trusted and recommended. 

For those interested in further reading, some useful links to scientific research:

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