Four Products: 4 Bonus Ways to Use Them!

The natural, plant-based castile soap base of many of our products means that they can be used in many different ways around the home.

In this blog, we want to share some of that versatility with you so that you can enjoy even more ways to create a safe, healthy home – with what you already have! 

Use our Hand Sanitizer as: A Mosquito Repellent

Mozzies don’t like certain essential oils, and as it turns out two of these are in our hand sanitizer – lavender and peppermint! If you find yourself in a spot of mosquito bother, just pull out our hand sanitizer and spray on your skin as you would a repellent. While it’s not designed to be used for that purpose specifically, it will do the job for a little while at least!

Another reason to always keep your hand sanitizer in your bag ;)

Use our Hand Soap as: A Natural Dog Shampoo

Our hand soap, which is made from plant-based oils, makes an excellent gentle dog shampoo - especially if your pet has sensitive skin. The lavender and orange essential oils in our Drift scent are also beneficial and therapeutic a dog’s coat.

As with any type of shampoo, be aware of where the suds are and do your best to keep the soap out of your dog's eyes and water out of their ears. 

Use our Wood Duster as: A Plant Insecticide Spray

Did you know that our Wood Duster spray also makes an excellent natural insecticidal spray?

Natural castile soap is great at keeping plant pests and insects away from plants – just use one of your almost empty Wood Duster bottles and add water to make a slightly less concentrated solution, then spray the whole plant including both tops and underside of leaves, stems, and vines and watch your plants stay happy for longer. 

Use our Liquid Dish Soap as: A Fruit & Veg Wash

It’s always a good idea to give your produce good wash before eating to remove dirt and any residue. Our natural Dish Soap safely removes waxes, chemicals, residue, and soil from your produce when used as a fruit and veg wash. It saves you from having to buy a separate product and keeps your produce residue-free.

Wash several pieces of produce at the same time by filling part of your sink or a large bowl with water and add one or two of pumps of our dish soap, then use your hands to thoroughly wash the fruit and veges before. Then rinse with cold water and enjoy!

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