Five Bathroom Eco & Cleaning Hacks

Make the bathroom a healthy, low-waste space with these simple tips. 

Naturally scent your bathroom

Say no to artificial air fresheners in your bathroom, they contain a range of chemicals that can be bad for your health. The best way to freshen up? Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the inside of your toilet roll. As it rolls, the essential oil will diffuse leaving a hint of freshness in the air. We’ve tested it, and it is worth the effort!

You can also keep a bottle of our natural Lavender and Orange Room Mist in the bathroom for refresher spritz when needed or before guests arrive.


Look for eco swaps where you can 

Speaking of toilet paper….swap our your toilet rolls for the tree-free toilet rolls made from bamboo by local brand Bambuyu. Plus, they instantly elevate your bathroom aesthetic with their bold and fun designs. 

You can find their range of bamboo-made tissues on our accessories store.


Turn the tap off

OK you’ve probably heard this one before, but really, let’s turn the tap off while we are brushing our teeth. Leaving it running is really just a habit, so let’s form a new one and save water.


Use less plastic and more refillables

Between cleaning products, hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, consider the amount of bathroom products we go through over the course of the year. Not all plastic bottles are recyclable, so many of our empty bottles can end up in landfill. Try to choose brands that offer (infinitely recyclable) glass bottles and those that offer refill options.


Close the lid before you flush 

Before you flush, close the toilet lid to reduce the spread of particles that aren’t all that hygienic and could lead to bacterial and viral transmission. Research has found that flushing the toilet with the lid down could reduce airborne particles by as much as 50%, so it’s a good habit to get into to prevent any unnecessary exposure to harmful bacteria.


An easy way to clean your toilet brush

When is the last time you cleaned your toilet brush? Here is an easy way to do it. Rinse the toilet brush, and then spraying the bristles with our Hand Sanitizer to disinfect it. Wedge the handle between the toilet bowl and seat and leave it for about ten minutes before pouring hot water over it from the kettle.

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