11. DIY cleaning vinegar & house cleaning tips


With the school shutting down for the next 4 weeks, I slight feeling of panic started to reach our mind… what if…?

Like any other big virus outbreak, we feel trigger at different level. Usually, we can do the ostrich easily as it arrived far from us. This time, we feel more concern as the virus is traveling as fast as the planes are reaching the different countries.

But until further notice, this virus is similar to flu and seams to affect the same kind of profile.

Here are some basic steps to help you to keep your house germs and virus free.

  1. Remove your shoes at the doorstep!!! I know, sometime we go in the car, are ready to leave and remember that we forget something important inside. I’m guilty of that as well, coming back inside and tip toes with my shoes on quickly to pickup the “so important” object and go back into the car… Please, we walk everywhere and the sole of our shoes are more then dirty. Take 2 minutes to alway remove them as soon as you are inside!
  2. The good reflex for the whole family, take the habit to go wash your hand as soon as your shoes are removed when you enter your house! Just a normal soap make the trick. No need for and antibacterial soap, it is not good for your and it kills the good bacteria as well. And just for info, the flu is a virus… not a bacteria! Just rub your hands properly while singing twice happy birthday or the chorus of your fav song.
  3. The doors knobs: when do you clean them for the last time? Yes, right, today seams to be a good day for that! Once a week, clean them with your homemade cleaning vinegar. It is quick to do and will remove a fair amount of bag germs from your house!
  4. It is easy to just dust quickly around and fair enough to do it most of the time but every second day, use a cleaning product to not only remove the dust but the germs also that naturally fall on the different surface. Specially if you have small kids sneezing around without doing it in their elbow. I know, I’m sure all your kids cover their mouth with their hands but if they are like mine, they forget to go wash them right away after!! So their tiny dirty fingers became some kind of magic germs distributor for the whole house!
  5. Once a week add a small drop of Clorox into your floor cleaning water. No need to do that all the time, just during flu season it is enough.
  6. Have your kids clean their dirty toys and lego block! Give them spray with the homemade cleaning vinegar and Yalla! Give them a small bowl of water to rinse them after. They are off, better to keep them busy right?!
  7. Open you window!!! Unless there is a sandstorm, open all your window as much as possible to change the air!
  8. Use essential oil burner in your house. It will give a pleasant smell and help to sanitise the air and it is good for your health as well! Alway stay away to chemical air freshener and fragrance. They are useless and trigger your health. Completely the opposite of what we want right now!
  9. And please, no need for using heavy chemicals to clean your house. Natural cleanser and essential oils are more than enough to keep your house a safe environment.

Now that your house is super clean and free of bad germs, just remember the basics:

  • Cleaning your hands often
  • Eat your rainbow and try your best to have your kids do the same! Fruits, vegetables, legumes. They are super healthy and good for the immune system.
  • If you start to feel a bit overwhelm, move your body!!! Go run at the beach, an hour at the gym or even 15min meditation or yoga with the door lock in your bedroom can help. Stress is not good for your health and for your body. Always keep it as low as possible. If your kids start to jump around as well, you can easily find on youtube yoga tuto for kids. They are easy and fun for the whole family.



1 big jar with a lid (2-3 litres)

Oranges and lemons peels (see below for my lemonade recipe)

10-15 sticks of cinnamon

10-15 nutmeg crushed

1 handful of cloves

2 bouquets of fresh mint

White vinegar.


Put all the ingredients in the jar and top up with white vinegar.

Leave at the full light for 2-3 weeks.

Filter your vinegar, put in a spray bottle and keep the balance in your jar. Ready to use!

You can use it to clean your window and mirror as well.

Thanks me later!

Here is my favourite recipe for homemade lemonade. This will give you enough peels for your vinegar.


+/- 10 lemons juice plus the zest of 1 lemon

6 oranges juice plus the zest of 2 oranges

3/4 cup of sugar (feel free to try coconut sugar or date sugar. In that case start with 1/2 cup and add a bit at the time till enough sugary for your taste.

1 litre of water

5ml vanilla.

Do a syrup with the sugar and the water. Add the vanilla and the juice to the syrup when it has cool down.

Taste and add a bit of water if too sour. 

Your kids will be delighted! For more fun add fresh mint or raspberries puree inside the lemonade. 

Have a nice month! 

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