A Guide To Healthy Travel This Summer


Travel is well and truly back and it seems like almost everyone is jetting off somewhere this summer - including The Botanist team members.  But with COVID-19 still circulating and the added stress on our body during travel, staying healthy while travelling can be difficult. We share our top tips for staying healthy on your travels this summer. 

Bring your own anti-bacterial products 

We all know that cleaning standards in many hotels and apartments aren't up to scratch. That’s not to say we should start analyzing every surface, but it doesn’t hurt to have an anti-bacterial spray on hand to have an extra sense of protection. Travelling can expose us to all sorts of hygiene and health risks, so we recommend packing a few of the travel-sized The Botanist Hand Sanitizer.

As a hand spray, it sanitises and kills 99.99% of germs while being gentle on the skin and non-drying. But it is also multi-purpose and can be used on clothes, luggage and other surfaces to remove germs, and bacteria that cause many travelling odours will also be removed and replaced by the refreshing scent of lavender and peppermint essential oils. 



Choose the window seat if you can

Here’s a little thing we learned recently: passengers sitting in the isle seat are more likely to be exposed to viruses while travelling. One likely reason is that people walking up and down the aisle (many coming back from the bathroom) have a tendency to grab on to the top of the aisle seat for support, potentially spreading germs. If you can, try to be more selective with your seat choice on your flights. 

Support your immune system and gut health

Indulging in the local food scene while travelling is all part of the experience but supporting a strong and healthy immune system all begins in the gut. In the lead up to travelling, we make sure to increase our Vitamin C and Zinc uptake, and to support gut health we always make sure to bring our fave plant-based multi-vitamin supplement Maximum Vibrance with us and have it daily mixed with some water or a smoothie. 

Keep moving

Our normal exercise routine usually takes a bit of a hit when travelling, but always try to fit in as much physical activity as you can, even while away. It’s definitely not the first thing on our minds while travelling, but a quick session puts us in good stead for the day and helps us feel healthier overall.

Reduce stress

Traveling is amazing, but it can also be stressful! One of the things to be aware of this summer is that staff shortages at many airlines can mean flight delays and lost luggage – it happened to one of our team recently! Plan ahead for potential scenarios and have a 'plan b' in case it happens – like taking some clothes or essentials in hand luggage or spreading it across different traveling bags. it will help to manage the situation more effectively should it happen, and make it a less stressful experience for the whole family.

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