5. Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019

fitness, running

Just to let you know, I love Dubai. I never see a place that take that much care of the population. 

After redoing all the beaches and adding a 14km running track, developing a 52km mountain bike track in Hatta, a 50km bike track in Al Qudra, inviting all the international events like Desert Warrior, Spartan race and more, Dubai reputation to love sports is well knows! 

But who knows that on top of that, Dubai organise every year the 30x30 challenge. Mainly, Dubai challenge YOU to do 30 minutes of sport every day for 30 days. It can be anything from a lovely walk to a boxing class as long as you move! You can also download the Dubai 30x30 app to track your performance and create accountability. At Kite Beach many free classes are offer from 7am till 9pm.

Dubai also installed big publicity with a scan code all around the city. You only need to scan the code to get your free 30min workout. Everyday, a new one is available! You have the choose to do it on the spot or just save it for later as it is link to a Youtube video. Easy!

What are you waiting to try! With all those free helpers and the huge choose of activities you definitely have no excuses! 

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