13. Isolation doesn’t have to mean desolation

Isolation doesn’t have to mean desolation
I know, nothing original, again someone writing about the current situation... BORING!!!
Actually, i would like to share some taught that i have been experiencing over the past weeks. Something really has change since we started the homeschooling  and that the city got closed.
With the lost of the outside world, i realise how much i had level down my parenting game over the past years... Slowly, gradually, without even noticing it.
My kids are getting slightly older, they are not toddles anymore but still small kids. They are pretty independent as they usually go play outside with the other kids of the compound so i barely see them for the day. I started working more and more. Then at the end of the afternoon when the kids where coming back home a bit cranky because of too much playing and running around, i was leaving them with the nanny to go to the gym to avoid the bath screaming time and the diner screaming time as well!!! ("i don't like it", "yakky"... always felt it was easier when i wasn't there!)
Now that we are all at home, i had to revise all my lifestyle.
I'm working less, take more time with the kids, no choice with the homeschooling, play more with them and take the time to sit with them everyday at diner time.
Diner is still not always a win but i already notice that with a little push, they can eat almost everything that i put in their plate or at least try it which makes me happy. 
Here is a list of things that i did so far that make me feel happy:
1. Doing homemade granola bar
2. Finalising my dish soap recipe
3. Taking the time with lego blocks to explain fractions to my daughter
4. Do some soap play-dough for the bath time to make it longer and more fun
5. Still doing my exercises but in the garden and the kids do some of the movement with me or play the DJ and dance around
What can be done this weekend:
- Gardening: try with your favourite fruits and veggies
- Do you manicure by yourself and add some glitter in your nail polish
- Send message to your best friends back home to check on them
As a result, i feel that my kids are even more coming to me for long coddles than before! Super happy!!!
As we are a little community, let's share our daily win! 
Send me your ideas !
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