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Liquid Dish Soap
Liquid Dish Soap

Liquid Dish Soap

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If, like us, you find washing the dishes mildly therapeutic, the peppermint and citrus essential oils in our Dish Soap will turn the task into an aromatherapy session!

The Botanist Liquid Dish Soap is the best of both worlds - it leaves your dishes sparkling clean while being kind to your hands and health. The natural and hard-working castile soap base, made with olive and coconut oils, effectively fights germs and grease without the use of chemicals. When it washes away down the sink, the biodegradable ingredients are kind to the environment too.

It comes in a glass bottle and looks lovely displayed next to the kitchen sink! 😍

Suggested use: Pump some soap on your brush or sponge and clean your dishes as usual. Another idea? Mix it with some water in a bowl and use as a fruit and vegetable wash!

Essential Oils: Peppermint, lime and lemon

Ingredients: Aqua, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Potassium Hydroxide*, Citric Acid,  Lime essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Peppermint essential oil

*No Potassium Hydroxide remains in the finished product after the process of saponification  

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