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Christmas Tree Floor Cleanser, 500ml
Christmas Tree Floor Cleanser, 500ml

Christmas Tree Floor Cleanser, 500ml

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Let the aroma of pine and cedarwood fill your home this season while our limited-edition Christmas Floor Cleanser tackles the dirt on your floors!

Plant-powered, family-safe and pet-safe, our Floor Cleanser leaves the floor sparkling clean with no nasty chemicals, all while filling the house with the festive aromas 😍

Suggested use: Mix 50ml in a bucket of 3L warm water & mop the floor as usual. Suitable for use on all floors except for waxed wood. 

Essential oils: Frankincense, cedarwood and pine

Ingredients: Natural castile soap (water, olive oil, potassium hydroxide*, food-grade citric acid, frankincense essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, pine essential oil 

*No potassium hydroxide remains in our finished product after the process of saponification 

Just to let you know👇:

  • Our Christmas range is a limited-time collection so refills with this specific scent will not be available.