14. Products informations

14. Products Information

As you might already know, I LOVE CASTILE SOAP!!!

I discovered it when i was leaving in France and it was love at the first sight! But why i like it so much to clean my house?

1st, Castile soap is truly eco friendly. The composition of this soap is very basic: Olive oil, soda and water! Simple!! No synthetic compounds, no chemicals. 

Most of the eco brands, use bio-degradable synthetic compounds that are very dangerous for the underground water for a few weeks before the molecules start to break up. Castile soap can be used to brush your teeth! Ok, the taste is gross but still, if we can put it in our month, it is already a good sign! 

2nd, the smell is soft and subtle. A light olive smell. No fake "cotton cloud" perfume or "above the mountains" fragrances! What an "above the mountains" supposed to smell anyway???

At the Botanist, we develop our own Castile soap. We blend the oil and soda slowly for hours to make a very high quality soap. Then we add essential oils for the cleaning properties and smell. 

It is not normal that we start coughing each time we spray our cleanser, get red eyes and have tickles in the nose.

With The Botanist products, cleaning almost become an aromatherapy session. The smell is delicate, we don't have to shoo our kids outside of the room and they can even help us. The different essential oils adapt to the different room that we clean. As our products have a real soap based, they clean easily all the stains without effort. If the stain is very persistent, just spray a bit of cleanser and let it makes it's magic for 3-5 minutes than wipe! 

We don't need strong chemicals to keep our house germs free. This is only a big corporation marketing strategy to buy more of their products.

It is important to know that normal soap already remove all the germs. Chemical soap try to kill them so the ones that don't die just become stronger and create what we call "superbugs" or antibiotic resistant bacterias... 

I will had a little note here:

Because of the exceptional situation that we are facing with the covid-19, for your every day use, natural products will definitely keep your house clean. If someone come inside the house with their shoes, add a drop of clorox along with the floor cleanser.

Stay safe and from now on, enjoy your cleaning!


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